Monday, April 4, 2016

Welcome to Furno!

Furno Furniture TV Cabinet King

We're a Malaysian furniture company that specialises in TV cabinets, but we do make other furniture as well. However, the focus of this blog is on our selection of TV cabinets. 

Furno TV cabinets are designed to be functional. It is not merely a TV cabinet, but also provides storage space for all of your entertainment consoles, plus shelves and drawers to stack your DVD/Blu-Ray collection and other items. The shelves and drawers at the two ends of the cabinet are covered with sliding panels, giving it a uniformed look, at the same time hiding unsightly odds and ends. Only the shelves for your entertainment consoles are exposed, giving the TV cabinet a look that is complimentary to its function. Furno’s TV cabinets come in three finishes – white, dark brown and mahogany brown.

Furno’s mission is to sell quality furniture at affordable prices. Its vision is to see that most low to middle-income families own a Furno furniture as part of its long-term goal. Furno does not have a specific slogan. They use their mission statement as a tagline for their products. The company’s objective is to make sure that their manufacture a certain amount of furniture products by end of each day and that these be shipped out and sold within a certain time period. 

Furno’s TV cabinets are tagged with the following keywords: stylish, sleek, contemporary design, durable, attractive. What makes Furno’s TV cabinets different from other products of the same kind in the market are their clean lines and simple yet aesthetically pleasing design will make them fit in with most home décor. Furno’s TV cabinets are relatively easy to care for. Only use a damp cloth to wipe surfaces, with no need for any industrial cleaner to do so. Water that is spilled on the surface must be wiped within three minutes. 

We have set up shop with, a new e-commerce platform that sells grocery items, as well as products from merchants such as Furno. Visit the link to their Brand Street tab, and you can find us there. Happy browsing and shopping!


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